From vegetarians to flexitarians!

Commensal restaurants are evolving and now have become more inclusive than ever. Flexitarians, who practice vegetarianism part time, and carnivores who want to eat healthily, can now garnish their dishes with nordic shrimp, crab from the Maritimes or chicken from Quebec.

These tasty new dishes are found in separate sections of the buffet, and identified as Commensal&cie. Vegetarians and vegans can continue to opt for the wide variety of hot and cold dishes they already enjoy.

In recent years, flexitarianism has been constantly growing. More and more people choose to occasionally accompany a beautiful plate of fruit and vegetables with a delicious meat or fish of known origins.

Many vegetarian groups are aware and support this trend. Because when two people cut their meat consumption in half, it’s the equivalent of one person adopting a completely vegetarian diet.

At the request of the majority of our customers, we have created Commensal&cie in Boucherville, Quebec’s first flexitarian restaurant. And today, all Commensal restaurants are evolving and becoming flexitarian destinations.

Vegetarians can finally invite their non vegetarian friends and family to Commensal and share a deliciously healthy meal.

Welcome to the new Commensal!


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